My name is Kim McMurtry, and I create and digitize all of the embroidery designs here.(I’m also chief gofer and Web master!) This page is to allow you get to know me a little better.

First off, I am married to a wonderful man who has supported this venture and allowed me to do work I adore. My cat Roswell was my constant companion and helped with all sewing.  He has crossed the rainbow bridge and is missed every day.  My new friend Bart is just learning to appreciate sewing and relaxing.  He would rather put on his “coat” and go for an adventure.

We are now living in Johnstown CO after moving around the last few years. We are very happy with our new location and enjoying the mountains and outdoors.

Until 2001 I was a computer technician, then decided I would like to go back to school for graphic design. During the time I worked toward my graphic design certification,a funny thing happened. I purchased an embroidery machine and the adventure began. At first I spent all of my time sewing designs on everything. Then I began to look at some of the designs and decided I wanted to create my own.

The next purchase was digitizing software. I spent long hours learning the software and discovering the best digitizing practices. I still continue my education with digitizing because I want my designs to constantly improve. At first I gave away designs to friends, then one of those friends encouraged me to sell the designs. At that point K McMurtry Design became an embroidery business and I gave up graphic and Web design.  I have now closed my sales site and will be only selling on my Etsy site.    

The best part of digitizing is that I get to take all of the ideas in my head and make them into something. It is still very exciting to see my art turned into stitches. I am truly grateful to all of my customers and everyone who has supported me over the years. 

Have a great day and enjoy your visit here!