1. What do you do with the information I give you?
Any information you provide to K McMurtry Design is only used for order processing and notification. You have the option to receive the newsletter within your account settings. I do not share your information with any other source and I will not send unsolicited e-mail.

2. How is my order processed and is it secure?
PayPal Express is fast and easy.  Once you select the Pay with PayPal button you will log into PayPal and your information will transfer to my shop.  Please make sure you use the same e-mail address at PayPal as the one used to create an account here or a new account will be created.  Also be sure to finish the purchase by coming back to this site and confirming your order amount.  If you do not, the order will NOT be completed and you will NOT be charged for the purchase.  To avoid a session error when using PayPal Express, create and log into your account at my shop first.

Paying online is convenient and secure using PayPal. Online payments are processed by PayPal and I have no access to your payment information. You do not have to have a PayPal account or sign up for an account in order to make a purchase. When you enter your payment information PayPal will process your credit card or debit your bank account, depending on your account setup. Paying with PayPal is secure. With PayPal, you enter your information directly into a secure Web page owned by PayPal. Your information is then encoded using the highest level of encryption available and sent directly to PayPal for order processing. 

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3. How will I receive my order?
Designs will be available for immediate download if PayPal Instant Transfer is your payment method. The link to download your designs will be available on your Account page, under Orders once the order is processed. The link will be available for 5 download attempts. If you find you are unable to download your designs please use the information in your order confirmation to contact me.  If your payment method is E-Check by PayPal your designs will become available once payment has been processed and will also be e-mailed to you at that time.

4. Why do you require me to create an account with you?
I ask for account creation for a several reasons.  Due to order problems and fraud I am able to resolve issues by using the account information.  It also acts as a service to you. I keep a record of all downloads and after you log in you will have the option of going in and downloading designs again up to 5 times. In the future if you have computer problems you can contact me and I can reset this or e-mail you the designs if needed. I do recommend backing up all of your design files to be safe.

5. What is your refund policy?
All sales are final and not refundable. However, I will work with you to correct problems you have with a design or set of designs. If the wrong format is ordered, I will send you the correct one by e-mail. Please contact me with any problems and we can try to work them out. You can reach me Here.

6.  Do you have sample designs to try before I buy?
Yes I do.  Anytime you see the download button below, a sample design is available.  It is not necessary to create an account to download samples as they are not processed by the shopping cart.